Working to create vibrant
communities is complex work.

People working across all sectors -government, business, nonprofit
and community- contribute to Alberta's 21st century reality.

interCHANGE illuminated how we can increase our impact.

interCHANGE asked the question:

What relationships need to exist to create the conditions to collectively make a positive impact in Alberta's communities?

Thank you to everyone who participated in a dialogue that created opportunities to increase cross-sector ingenuity and build greater understanding of the complexity of the larger community system.

interCHANGE was a unique experience for all in attendance. Everyone had the opportunity to share knowledge and discover how we can collaborate better, together.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Edmonton, Alberta on September 24th 2015 at the NAIT Main Campus.

A multi-sector collaborative event for leaders in:



Expand networks, explore new thinking
and approaches to enrich your
community investment.


Broaden understanding and networks
for cross-sector capacity building
and collaboration.


Enrich approaches and expand networks
to achieve greater impact in
Alberta communities.